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If you are having speed issues try.....

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If you are having speed issues try.....

just a note, not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere. Whilst my desktop system runs OK, I noticed today that my laptop, thats runs wirelessly, was slower than the desktop. Speedtests showed around 2.3-2.7Mbps, whereas I get 4-4.3meg on the other system. After looking for spyware etc, I tried the tweaktest from

I told me to reset the RWIN from the default on XP of around 17000, to between 65000 and 200000. I used the FAQs to calculate my optimal RWIN, and followed the instructions for Dr TCP. Rebooted, and tried again, speeds now up where they should be. THought it might be helpful for people if they are seeing slower than normal speeds to try this, worked for me.

Whilst I am here, does anyone know of a fix for SVCHost hogging all the CPU timeHuh
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If you are having speed issues try.....

Indeed, noticed a few similar posts recently and the same kind of results after a bit of tweaking the RWIN value.

Microsoft assume that most PCs are connected to corporate LANs where the the highest latency people see is probably 10ms, whereas with broadband you're probably talking about a minimum of 20ms for most, 30-40ms for people with interleaving and over 100ms for anything transatlantic.

Consequently a higher RWIN is normally a lot better.

As for SVCHost, just make sure you don't have SCVHost as that's a known virus.

If you are having speed issues try.....

I had a problem with SVCHost hogging the system and found that cancalling Automatic Updates solved the problem.