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Idle timeouts or disconnects


Idle timeouts or disconnects

Since changing from premier to plus my broadband connection frequencty disconnects even when my connection is active. For example today at 7:52pm, yesturday at 10:50pm, and 9:49pm etc etc. During all these times my connection got dropped my connection was active, although I never notice any actual interruptions to downloads as the disconnects have, perhaps by coincidence, happened between webpage clicks or during very, very short idle periods.

My line has not recently been regraded, my line stats are perfect and the same as when on premier. Nothing else has changed, except my downgrade which I did as I am a very low bandwidth user. When I had premier the connection was solid pretty much for ever...

These disconnects are having an effect on my useage even though I "instantly" reconnect, which is very fast, I get a different IP address, which is often on a different subnet , eg was reconnects with which means if I am browsing a website that requires a login eg a forum, I get logged out. As most session checks make sure the session comes from the same IP or at least within a subnet range (eg netmask of

Do any other plus users currently get random disconnects for no apparent reason? Is this going to happen more often when idle timeouts are implemented, since it already happens when my connection is not idle.

My modem does not appear to be retraining during these disconnects so it looks like the pppoA connection to F9 through BT wholesale is disconecting rather like an idle disconnect would, rather than the line/line noise etc.

Idle timeouts could therefore effect peoples use, due to same reasons as stated, if a user is view a forum page and composing a reply which takes more than 30 minutes (or they go for a cuppa inbetween, answer the phone etc, 30 minutes is a plausable delay) and no other traffic is happening at the time, when the user clicks submit the forum or webpage may not allow it due to different IP address upon reconnecting. Most forums or other sites that use sessions work in this way. This could be very annoying for a small number of users.

A way to solve this is to ensure that users reconnect to the an IP address within the same subnet to a netmask of at least as most forum or session code only check that far as some IPs use "transparent" caches which could change the IP the server sees from page to page.

Do any other PLUS users currently get random disconnects for no apparent reason? Is this going to happen more often when idle timeouts are implemented, since is already happens when my connection is not idle.

This is not a major moan as I am actually very happy with the f9 plus connection I now have but the disconnects are a bit annoying.

Idle timeouts or disconnects

Could be the weather. I have more than my fair share of disconnects during wet and cold weather, but then I am on the edge of 1MB capability.



Idle timeouts or disconnects

Well that could be the case if the line was poor, but it has been good for ages.

But I have a 2M line which is fine and has been fine for two years. The line stats are great.

Of course BT could have changed something since then. Actually there has been a guy up the pole near my house a couple of times this year.

BUT, the disconnects only started since I changed to Plus from premier. This could of course be a coincidence.

The reconnects occur fast I don't thing the modem is retraining, I think it is the pppoA connection to F9 going down rather than the acutal physical DSL line.

It could be that there is something odd going on wholesale side at my exchange?

Idle timeouts or disconnects

the + package has a disconnect feature on it for idle timeouts

this is not present on premier accounts


Idle timeouts or disconnects

yes I know this. But I am getting disconnects when my connection is not idle. In anycase the idle timeouts have not yet been implemented on plus yet. It does not take effect until 8th of November.

Idle timeouts or disconnects

Hey, I just started getting disconnects too. I have another post active about the BT £50 charge, but sounds like your problem is similar to mine.

For me, I had a problem for 2 days late September. And now since the beginning of November.

I have a Netgear DG834G, and its log records "LCP down". It reconnects and authenticates CHAP within 12 seconds, but I get disconnected from whatever I was using at the time (most annoyingly online games). I am not sure if the IP address changes at the same time.

Reviewing the log, it mostly disconnects in the evenings, both when I am active and other times when my PC is switched off.

An excerpt from my log.....
Tue, 2005-11-08 22:36:48 - LCP down.
Tue, 2005-11-08 22:36:51 - Initialize LCP.
Tue, 2005-11-08 22:36:51 - LCP is allowed to come up.
Tue, 2005-11-08 22:36:56 - CHAP authentication success

What does your router log show ?

Idle timeouts or disconnects

I think this was actually caused a problem that F9 just fixed in the last couple of days that effected a few people. See the anncoucement on the RSS feeds from F9 "intermittant disconnects" and "DSL Disconnect Fix". I haven't had a disconnect since this fix so it does look like this problem mentioned in the F9 annoucements was the cause in my particular case.

see and or

If you are still experiencing the disconnects it could be a line issue in your case. Check the line stats (noise margin and attentuation). From what you have said from your router logs it could have been the same thing which hopefully is fixed for you now too. I will see if I get any further disconnects over the comming days and weeks which will confirm if it really was this issue.