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Idle timeouts Opt out

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Registered: 13-10-2007

Idle timeouts Opt out

I've forgotten, does "Activate" mean Activate Idle Timeouts?
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Registered: 17-08-2007

Idle timeouts Opt out

deactivate turns them off

if u see activate it means they are off already
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Idle timeouts Opt out

I wish PN would change the wording on that page as it is confusing so many people (even me initially).

If you see If you still want to opt out, click the button below. above the button, then idle timeouts will happen on your line. You click the deactivate button to stop the idle timeouts from happening.

If the button says deactivate, clicking it causes the idle timeouts not to occur

If the button says active, clicking it causes idle timeouts to occur.

If that makes any sense.