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Idle Timeouts Postponed


Idle Timeouts Postponed


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Posted: 07 Nov 2005 04:43 pm Post subject: Service Status: Intermittant Disconnections - NEW


We have identified an issue which causes some customers to be disconnected from the network intermittently. These customers can reconnect straight away after the disconnection and normal browsing and use should not be affected.

Our network engineers are working to identify the cause and find a solution to rectify this as quickly as possible. To help us with this diagnosis phase we have decided to postpone the planned roll out of idle time outs on the Broadband Plus and HomeSurf accounts until we have this issue resolved.

A further update on timescales to resolution and the new idle time out rollout will be provided as soon as they are available.

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Customer Support

makes sense i spose seeing that theres enough disconnections anyway.. Cheesy


Idle Timeouts Postponed

So lets see. First +Net seems to almost deny that people were getting disconnected, including myself, and send a list some 16 items long to check. Now they have postponed idle timeouts because there is a disconnection problem which they have magically found. Now forgive me for thinking that the disconnections may have een caused by changes being made in the leadup to idle timeouts.
I have to say I have been a very satisfied customer for a long time but on the 2 counts of disconnections and idle timeouts I am begining to lose it.