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Ideas Forum Announcement


Ideas Forum Announcement

Hello All,

After much deliberation and discussion between the mods and myself we have decided that we would give you the chance to voice your opinions and thoughts ont his matter prior to it going live.

The situation with the Ideas and suggestions forum has become such, that it is hardly posted in by FOL any longer. Some of you may have noticed that ideas have been approved and still 1 year on not been implemented or even started. We have not had so much as a yes or no on ideas for some time now. All in all the activity of FOL staff within the ideas and suggestions forum are dwindling and seldom.

Therefore we have come to the conclusion that the forum is no longer warranted as effective. It is being discussed at present for the PUG to create and take over a far more effective method for submitting and chasing up ideas.

We know that for many of you this does not stand or act as a consolation to see yet more changes to the forums that you have come to know and recognise. However looking at it from a moderating POV there is no need to have a forum if it is not being used. We are also trying to encourage users to partake in the forums and feel that they may be put off by seeing a vast array of forums and not knowing which one to use for which. The fact is that we have a new kind of breed of user and it is one we should strive to educate and help.

Our suggestion is that the Ideas and Suggestions forum be shut down and allowed to be taken onboard by the PUG when they are able to. I do not think we as a community have the time, resources or connections in order to sustain or keep on chasing ideas which should have been. And to be frank I think it is a waste of everyones time if genuine ideas are blanked and not acted upon.

Please look in the Community Support forum for a discussion thread on this announcement, also Linked HERE.
We would like to hear your views and suggestions, but please bear in mind that we are limited in what we are able to do.