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[Idea 1991] Referal landing page


[Idea 1991] Referal landing page

While taking the... mickey out of Ian Wild for his sig (what ya think , huh huh), I decided to use that pretty much on most of the forums I populate, Uncluding a referal link in with it (previously word of mouth only).

However I find the langing page rather bland. Why can't users simply be redirected to the http// rather than a page full of text (frankly, I wouldn't have read it, when landing on it, I would have prefered to see price boxes, simalar to the above mentioned link).

What about some options for which page they land on, psrucing up the current one, and/or different landing pages.
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[Idea 1991] Referal landing page

Good idea. I've raised it as idea number 1991. It may be that something like this is already planned, in which case the idea may be rejected, but if that happens we will get an update about the plan and an eta from the content team.