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ISP Recommendation


ISP Recommendation

I have now had no connection for 6 days.

I have raised two tickets. One to fix this problem and one to request my MAC key. Funnily enough I received a phone call almost immediately after raising this ticket to ask what can be done to keep my business...

Last month I was without a connection for over 2 weeks so I have had enough.

Any ideas how long it takes to get a MAC key through and then does anyone have any recommendations of ISP's..

All I want is to be connected and then if there is an issue I would like one that has someone you can talk to in Customer Support.


ISP Recommendation

If you have decided to leave F9/Plusnet then you might want to consider Zen Internet. I've only been with them a few weeks but they have been 'responsive to contact' so far.

Check out existing user comments at:-

Lots of other ISPs mentioned in that site also.
Good luck
Andy Keys
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ISP Recommendation

How many reviews, not many. Would not go to anybody who has not had over 4000 reviews

ISP Recommendation

You could go to and see what they recommend.

I had a lot of problems when I got my line changed over to BT Max. I was all set to jump ship when they told me I had been moved over to LLU. I am giving this a fair crack, no major problems so far. A friend, with a different ISP, has problems with his BT max line dropping out; I can only conclude that BT max is poor and you may find they same with other ISPs.