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IP MAPS Exchange


IP MAPS Exchange

My static IP is causing me some issues mailing to certain domains.

I have an exchange (2003) server set up for the domain.

They seem to be linked to the fact that my IP address is listed here -

I have cloned the settings from a second Exchange server also on a PlusNet static IP and run test mails to the domains that don't work on the PTProjetcs mail server. Everything works fine.
The only difference I can see is that the second static IP address comes up clean on the MAPS list.

Support ticket has been logged but any ideas would be welcome.
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IP MAPS Exchange


The best suggestion here would be to configure your server to send email via the server, either for all email or just for email to the domains that are having issues.

IP MAPS Exchange

Ok so next question would be - how do I route emails for specific destinations through a relay.

I know how to set up smarthosts on the SMTP connector - but that covers all mail through the connector.

I can't route all desinations through your relay because i get even more bounced mails from servers that won't accept relayed mail.