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IE 7 beta users - Read this


IE 7 beta users - Read this

For users of IE 7 beta (specifically beta 2), a number of issues have been identified with the PlusNet portal.

PlusNet Developers and the Portal Management Team have been working with QA to thoroughly test the site with IE7 beta and are noting any issues that arise. These will be collated into a report and resolved by PlusNet.

They are also reviewing the IE7 readiness toolkit to assist in this.

Some problems are fairly random and the nature of errors is so weird that it is hard to track the cause.

The official dev bugtrak of IE7 shows a few thousands bugs, but only few hundred resolved.

Please bear in mind that this is still beta software and issues will be encountered. PlusNet are working towards a fix and we will update when possible.


PlusNet Forum Moderators.

Edit 05.07.06

The recent release of IE7 beta 3 would appear to have eliminated most, if not all of the previous issues and current reports would indicate no issues with the portal.

We'll continue to monitor and evaluate and report if necessary.

IE 7 beta users - Read this

The latest release of IE7 seems to have resolved the previous problems and as such I have unstickied this post.

If any problems are identified please post and let us know.
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IE 7 beta users - Read this

So does that mean that the main remaining problem is that it is still Internet Explorer, the non standards compliant browser? Wink

IE 7 beta users - Read this

I'm just hoping that IE 7 isnt going to make my life any harder.

Do you know how many hacks and fiddles I have to do to make a website work in IE and Firefox! Cry