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I want to know my usage at least!


I want to know my usage at least!


Joined plusnet a couple of weeks ago and I'm still having trouble with the usage tool, espcially now I'm not sure how close I am to being shaped.

Traffic management is perfectly acceptable if I KNEW MY USAGE but instead It seems I must rely on late emails to inform me (after which I could have exceeded my limits anyway), as my usage has not worked since I joined you , "no data ect" . I raised a ticket , told it would be fixed , nothing seems to be happening even though I raised it here a few days ago and theres an apparent internal ticket raised about it.

So please, if your going to force these systems upon your users , at least make sure your users know how much traffic they've used , and report it correctly.

How can you enforce something that's fundamentally flawed? Agreed the users with no data are few and far between (like me) but many many more report inaccurate figures on their graphs.

Sort it +Net!