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I've lost my Broadband connection


I've lost my Broadband connection

I switched my PC on Tuesday morning and found no braodband connection. I tried all the regular tests like disconnecting all other telephone equipment and extensions with no joy.

My usual router is a Solwise SAR110 but I switched to an Speedtouch ADSL modem to see if this made a difference. The connection still did not work however from the connection software I could see that the connection was failing at the username and password verification stage (which kept retrying and finally gave up with an 'error 0721 remote computer did not respond'.

A friend logged my fault with Tech Support last night but as yet I've had no one allocated to my problem. I've tried on 4 occasions to call Tech Support but been left q'ing for ages and given up each time.

There is general information on the portal regarding problems due to 8Mb upgrading but I've not been informed that I have been upgraded nor do any of the symptons match my total loss of connection. I'm not sure what to do next of or there are any other tests I can perform?

Please can anyone offer any suggestions to what the fault may be or anyway of getting PlusNet Tech Support to raise the urgency of my call?