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I've been profiled - why ???


I've been profiled - why ???

I'm a premier account 4mb, though I can only get 2mb so I pay £29.99 per month.

As I understand it I should be able to download up to 30gb at peak time before any limitations come into play.

Usage meter reports 10gb peak and 45 overall for this month.

Yet for the last few days I am capped to about 25-30k dowmload -P2P, Usenet or FTP or any combination together is still limted to the 25-30 range.

The worse thing is, FTP upload is capped to about 5k to any FTP site apart from when I'm uploading to my site on plusnet - not much fun when you have big files to upload.

I've put in a ticket on this but no sensible answer yet.

Just though I would share this as I expect others must be having similar problems.

I've been profiled - why ???

You aint capped mate. Thats the normal p2p speed for plusnet premier users Wink
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I've been profiled - why ???

Sounds like the could be the ftp / p2p / usenet limit kicking in to me.

have a look here for more info.

I've been profiled - why ???

He's only dloaded 10GB peak thou!

Sort it out +net

I've been profiled - why ???

you cant go off what the usage meter says for peak time, as for p2p use, plusnet for now, measure peak time as 8am to 12 midnight, where as with the usage meter it is 4pm to midnight.

so if all his 45gb was downloaded after 8am his p2p will be restricted

I've been profiled - why ???


Tony has got it. Personally ( although Plusnet are hoping to move everything back to the normal peak time by hopefully Feb next year) I think it is a huge mess around.
Once again there is no effective or accurate way for any of us to monitor our usages.
we now have to keep an eye out on about 3 things.

1. Monthly SUP Peak allowance
2. Monthly FTP/P2P/USENET allowance
3. Total Monthly Usage.

So we already have 1 and 3. To some effect 2 is already in place ( if you look at monthly SUP usage ) and the download occured between 4pm and midnight.

Apart from this there is no way of knowing, and all plusnet will do is increase the amount of tickets in the system or alternatively the number of phone. And what would they possibly be asking for?? Whats my new Second peak time usage for FTP/P2P/USENET please.

Daft if you ask me.

I've been profiled - why ???

Yknow what your right, this whole traffic management malarky has gotten way out of control. Limiting one of the most crucial protocols on the net, is one step away from limiting web/email use, or putting more ridiculous limits in place.

I simply cant be bothered checking my limits all the time anymore. And it's ludricrous that +net think that the users will be checking each and every limit thats been put into place recently. If I go over the SUP/p2p/ftp/usenet limits, then I'll go over, I don't care anymore. Until it affects me adversely I will stay, and when it does affect me then I'll migrate to one of these ISPs that +net insist can't stay in business, as their models are unsustainable. But they are managing just fine, simple.