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I thought PN were bragging about Support "improvements&


I thought PN were bragging about Support "improvements&

I opened a ticket on the 8th August. It wasn't about anything complicated - just confirmation of peak-time allowances due to PN sending out contradictory and confusing emails to me. Of course I still haven't had a response - I imagine PN is embarrassed about telling me proudly that my allowance has been increased to 20Gb then sending me another email a few days later telling me I'd used 11Gb of my 13Gb allowance!! If anyone is interested here's what I posted (with ticket number):

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Your original question 9:35am, Tuesday 8th August 2006
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On the 28th July you sent me an email advising me that my peak-time usage allowance is currently 15Gb and that it would increase to 20Gb on the 1st August 2006. I was therefore very surprised and not a little confused and annoyed to receive an email from you today advising me that my peak time usage has reached 11Gb and that, should it reach 13 Gb (2Gb less than the OLD allowance) restrictions would be placed on my connection. When I checked my usage it told me I'd used 60% of this month's allowance (in fact 11.05Gb is 55.25% of 20Gb but at least it shows there is something very dubious about the figure of 13Gb you mentioned in today's email - Ref E0189). Firstly would you please explain exactly what the situation in general is currently and also tell me why you are issuing contradictory information in this way. Secondly may I suggest harmonising your systems so that they are all reading from the same script because the impression given is that your left hand doesn't have a clue what your right hand is doing at present. This sort of inconsistency causes anger and resentment for the simple reason that whilst I and, I'm sure, most other people are quite happy to work within your limits we need to be confident that when we receive an email telling us the peak time limit is 20Gb we are NOT going to receive another email just 11 days later telling us it's only 13Gb. Your very urgent response, please.

I thought PN were bragging about Support "improvements&

I know the answer to this one and it would have been helpful if PN had made it clear.

The new allowance applies from your *next billing period*.


I thought PN were bragging about Support "improvements&


The changes were from a set date for everyone meaning you could tehcnically jump from level 3 to 2 overnight. The figures quoted are for the new levels.


The information is correct, there is more information at the following address:
Choose your account type from the drop down menu and all the values will be shown.

When they refer to a 20Gb allowance, it is the level when *some* transfers will be BLOCKED. There are additional restrictions that apply before you reach the 20Gb level. On the old style, some transfers would be blocked at 15Gb and again restrictions would of started earlier too.

Although as I said more information is available at the address above.