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I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote


I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

I think that Plusnet should organise a voting system for every customer or even pick a random set of customers to email out with a questionnaire to see how many people are REALLY happy with the service they are getting.

This happens with other companys why not plusnet ?

It would be a interesting read - But I don't think this ever would happen because plusnet would fully understand how many people are peeed off, and share holders might get cold feet.

So Instead of saying 99% of your customers are happy actually get the facts before making it up !

I'm certainly not happy with my Broadband Connection, and would have gone a long time ago if I was not conned in the 1st place.
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I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

It would be nice to win the national lottery too, and slightly more likely. :lol:

Re: I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

It would be a interesting read -

I know what would make an interesting read...... and would possably give a truer picture: and that is 2 seperate polls

One for those that have been with Plusnet for a number of years.

And one for those that joined Plusnet in the second quarter of this year.
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moan, moan, moan

1st post is a moan... at all the moaners!!

i suppose i am one of the aleged 99% of happy customers - and - to be honest, i AM happy.

i only really use my 2meg for http, and some large emails - but that's about it.

speed is generally as fast as my 20:1 2 meg line at work - so no complaints from me.

i can sympathise with people who feel cheated etc - but, really, why does ANYONE need to download 30-90gig a month, every monthHuh?

surley, unless all these people have V.large HD's (500gig+), most of their stuff gets used and then trashed!?!

I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

Hi there and welcome to the forums.

I am glad that you are happy with Plus net and its good to see some of us 99% customers kicking about. Smiley

What I will say is that its never a great idea to go the route of what people do with their downloads. It can lead to all sorts of things.

Some of us use our connections just like you. Others use them in a different manner and others sit somewhere in between.

Finding the middle ground and accomodating that is genarally a good call.

But once again, glad to see you posting and enjoying your connection. Smiley

I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

What I will say is that its never a great idea to go the route of what people do with their downloads. It can lead to all sorts of things

I am also one of the happy 99%, and I find you comment that I have quoted as interesting.It would seem to me that the Plusnet customer base is divded into 2 distinct "camps" which I would hazard a guess are not equal in size.The 2 "camps" being those that consider anyone who is not downloading files 24/7 as not using their internet connection to it's best advantage, and those that consider downloading files 24/7 as preventing one using the connection to it's best advantage.

I personally do not download a lot of files basically because there is really nothing I need, but my data tranfers are high..... for example as I type this I am in video conference with 3 astronomers in central Australia and looking through one of their telescopes, and having a thoroughly good time...... which to me is using my connection to it's best advantage: which I would not be able to do if Plusnet was not giving me a rock solid 2 Meg connection.Also I doubt the connections would be as good if I was struggling to get a "torrent" down on P2P at the some time.

But that is my personal use of my connection, and I find it a little strange that some peoples only criteria as to the quality of an ISP is how much "stuff" they can physically download each month........ but that is their perogative.

So that is 2 of the happy 99% :-)
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I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

Don't forget me! That makes three! and it rhyme!

I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

I'm happy too. Just thought I'd add that since I haven't posted for some time.

I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

if you guys are happy.(above) then it may do plusnet no harm.

Come on plusnet give it a go, it might go some way to improving how customers view you guys.

I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

sunhouse, you are seeing a narrow view of the customers.

I for one used to be happy, but the last 3 months have really really swinged my opinion.

1. I asked for all spam identified email to be deleted, I care not if the spam engine gets it wrong (it never ever has), but I don't need to delete these items myself.

2. My domain is currently being used as a zombie PC's reply address from some infected machine in Asia or Europe, and Plusnet refuse to think its their job to assist in blocking the source machine's IP, or subscribe to spamhaus etc. As a result I get 500 emails a day which are delivery failures, and personal threats.

3. When I clicked 'Upgrade' to 4mbit, it was infact upgrading to a surf only package (wasn't made clear at all), thus destroying my ccgi, mysql areas, costing me hours of work.

4. Recently someone in plusnet is responsible for deleting several ccgi accounts for no reason. All I got was 'Im sorry, restore your site from your backups'.

I do not care about downloading, i think all p2p activity should be banned or limited, as there's very little legal activity going on in that area anyhow. However, I'm not really fussed if the network can cope and it doesn't affect me.

So i was happy, and just through sheer lack of competence, and slopy shoulders, I'm 90% on the way to changing ISP's.

I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

I am happy too now that usenet is no longer can't usenet Cheesy

This isn't a bad ISP and has an unjust reputation. To put things is perspective, I was on Wanadoo previously and paid £1 more for a 6gb limit (which they describe as 'hefty' in their ads). Plusnet are a breathe of fresh air in comparison and at £21.99 per month with 30/100 limits, static IP, webspace and news server - its decent value. They do, however, have a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot with poor communications and some badly implemented policies. I also can't shake the feeling that they are forever trying to find ways of recovering network capacity rather than investing and this can only be done to a finite level before it impacts on light and moderate users (rather than the famous 1%)


Am I happy with PlusNet?

Well, I have a stable 1MB connection that never fails. So that is good!


- I pay the same as people who get 2M, yet I can only got 1M.
- PlusNet told everyone they would get 2MB free upgrades, and I can't. Rather annoying as some neighbours with Demon have got a stable 2MB service.

My only gripe with PlusNet was how the 2MB Upgrades where handled; customer service issues and suggesting that I use Mr Saffron, of, to get BT to update their database to allow 2MB where SNR and Attenuation allow, not just distance from exchange. Why can't PlusNet get BT to upgrade my line. It is not someone elses job!

It strikes me that PlusNet's contract with BT was rather poor, and didn't include customer feedback requirements on successful and failed 2MB upgrades. I received so many broken promises, then after 7 months I was told that my phone line was too long, although SNR and Attenuation where fine.

So, I am not happy with PlusNet. A little bit care, and well worded email 7 months ago saying that only people who lived within 2km of an exchange would get an upgrade would have saved me from the hope of getting 2MB.

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I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

Despite being one of those who lost all the CGI webspace data yesterday I would also vote for being happy with PlusNET (or actually Force9 in my case).

I don't think PlusNET can be held to account for the various problems with 2Mbit service as the few people who are unlucky enough to encounter problems would have happened with any ISP - since BT are in charge of that end of the connection for everyone on a BT line.

However on the down side I would also agree with other comments made that they sometimes lack a little on the "customer communication" side of things!

I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

sunhouse, you are seeing a narrow view of the customers.

I fully appreciate that....... my comments were based merely on my appraisal of Plusnet based on what I use it for......... and no doubt were I to be in the same position as yourself then I am sure my viewpoint would change.

I must confess to something I am pleasantly surprised about...... the number of recent (this year) joiners that have posted to this thread saying they are happy with the service which dispels the thoughts I was accumulating about most people that joined this year were merely those that thought they were going to get the opportunity to "download the internet' each day for ridiculously low price....... as they appeared to me to be the most vociferous when it came to complaining....for which I aplologise to those happy people that joined this year and have replied to this thread,and understand you frustration "gilesey".

On the sbject of threads it is also nice to see them slowly returning to the point where discussion is actually possable again.
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I think its time for a Mass Customer Vote

on a whole im happy, i have my gripe about the way information is communicated to customers and only to those who they deem needy of this information (sup usenet ect)

as far as my connection is concerned its been pretty solid

i was one of those who was paying 38.99 for 2mb well beyond when i should have. and even though i was told 8mb was ever so close...back in apr im glad i downgraded, i wonder though how many havent or arnt even aware of the lower priced packages