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I need help with. . .


I need help with. . .

Hi I have not had broadband access for over 3 weeks. When I try to connet error 0,38 "no dial tone" is returned.

Nothing on my laptop has changed and I have no idea how to resolve this. Have reported the fault with plusnet over 3 weeks ago and have not recieved any communication. . . .

Does anybody know what the problem might be? I have noticed though that when I turn on my Laptop, a pop-up box appears which says that I need to upgrade my virus protection - but obviously I can't because i can't connect to the internet - don't know whether this is connected in any way??

Any help would be much appreciated


I need help with. . .

Have you tried using a different modem / router?

Are your payment details up-to-date (dunno if that might account for a cancelled line?)

The problem could be in several areas:

1) your PC software
2) your PC hardware
3) the modem
4) the cables from modem to BT socket
5) the BT socket
6) the line to the BT socket
7) the exchange etc

Easiest to rule out are 1-5.

Try your laptop on another connection, as well as your modem... if it works you've sorted 1-4.

Try a different PC and modem on your line... if they work you've sorted 5-7.

If it still won't work, then you've at least you've narrowed it down a bit!
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I need help with. . .


If you can, see if robstanton's suggestions help, if not I've escalated your ticket so our fault guys can check into it for you.