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I'm sorry, but.....


I'm sorry, but.....

I really don't understand, and its unbelieveably frustrating!

Could someone who does have a better understanding of these things try to explain to me please?

What I cannot understand is how the change in technology from what was, to what is, results in a substantially worse than previously obtained service? I would expect the change to ADSL Max to result in a better (or at the very worst) or similar provision. I cannot understand how it has all gone so horribly wrong.

I had a rock solid 2meg connect for well over a year prior to being moved to ADSL Max. Since being moved (not at my request), my stable rate is now 500kbs, and I have a mostly faster upload than download speed.

What really rings my bell though, is that nothing has changed with my hardware as far as I am concerned. I have the same router, the same phone socket, the same phone line (presumably the same underground cable from green box to exchange). Yet pre ADSL Max, I had rocksolid 2meg connection, now I have 500kbs at best.

My router regularly syncs at speeds up to 6meg, with 4.5 - 5+ being the usual. The problem (I would guess) seems to be that my SNR is marginal at 6-8db. Marginal as it drops as the evening approaches, and results in an eventual disconnect/reconnect, meaning I have never sustained a connection for longer than 3 days.

I have connected the filter (changed to a new one as well) directly to the engineer faceplate, and nothing other than the router is connected. I feel complete helpless here. Any advice at all would be welcome.

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I'm sorry, but.....

See i'm not the only one with the same problem then and had the same answer Sad
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I'm sorry, but.....

I'm in very much the same boat as you - my line is syncing at 7.3Mbps right now but my stable rate is 500Kbps. I used to have a nice 2Mb connection up until I was 'upgraded' :x

At least my modem has stopped losing sync all the time. I hope...

I'm sorry, but.....

Same here..

Having recently upgraded to 1mb fixed, I was well pleased day 1 of max...
Download speeds 1.9mb which to a 2 year 512er were heaven. However went to work, came back and multiple drops and impossible to reconnect. This seemed to sort itself out by the next morning when I awoke to sub 1mb speeds and interleaving.

Did some research, and with the advice of you nice guys in the forums, replaced the dodgy original plusnet filters and the router cable with some decent belkin gear. Lo and behold Dl increased to 1.5mb with good snr.

There I should have stopped, but there you go, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. Disconnected ring wire and all extensions... Increase in Synch to 2.4mb and Dl suddenly 480mb where
it has stayed. Raised a ticket.... Friday Night...

THEN.... I changed my Dlink 604+ router thingy for a BT (2Wire) 1250, out of interest.... and wow...... Synch is now 3.4 to 3.7mb ... unfortunately .... download remains at 480k speed.... So waiting time for PN to suss out the problem I guess.

I'm sorry, but.....

It looks that way paddy. I go back to my original point though, which is that I would expect a better (or at worse) the same level of provision I was previously obtaining.

It is unrealistic (I would suggest for BT or +NET) to expect the customer to buy new routers, new shielded cables, new filters etc. to obtain the same level of service they were previously getting.

Am I the only one here who sees red everytime you get the stock response to try a new filter, a different modem or the same modem on another ADSL line? How many people (I know there will be some out there :lol: ) have multiple modems / ADSL lines to try this out on?


I'm sorry, but.....

I appreciate that but as max is sensitive to your line stats it is in your own interest to ensure that the filters and phone cable are as good as possible...

£8 max for a good cable - filters £6 sensible investment, just happened to have access to an unused router, lucky..... plus as we have a cordless phone, no need for extensions..

I'm sorry, but.....

So are you suggesting that the filters and modems/routers issued by the PN or any other ISP are not up to it and you have to buy your own. Put a different complexion on free setup and equipment.

I'm sorry, but.....

The filter originally supplied by pn 2 years ago is certainly not as good as the one i bought, I dont know what they supply now.. When I started with Broadband PN supplied a USB modem, which was not suitable for networking at home. I bought a second hand Dlink 604 off t'Ebay which did the job, but had access to a BT 1250 unused from work, out of interest I tried it and the combined changes upped my Synch to 3.7mb so there it stays.

The kit Ive seen in the PN shop seems ok, presumably they offer similar kit to new joiners. No criticism of PN intended on that front.

I'm sorry, but.....

Right well I'm not with PlusNet anymore but I'm experiencing similar issues with Zen.

It's basically this - when you've previously been on a 2mb connection you've had a contention ratio applied. With MaxDSL there is no contention ratio - BT have withdrawn this. Everyone who fits the criteria for MaxDSL will be put onto MaxDSL - but there is no contention ratio applied to MaxDSL. Therefore on MaxDSL you could be sharing your connection with 10 other people - you could be sharing your connection with 100 other people! And that is what will determine the speed of your connection.

You may well be entitled to speeds of 5mb or higher but you may actually only achieve speeds of 2mb or lower. That's just the way it is for now but expect things to improve as the year wears on. (And if PlusNet have not explained this to you as a customer then that's not very good at all).

I'm sorry, but.....

Interesting aires, and I can see the point your making.

However, my complaint is (I think) unrelated to contention ratios. When I was receiving 2meg line speeds, I was on PAYG service. I am still on PAYG service, but now have a stable rate of 500kbs - a quarter of the line speed I used to achieve while nothing else other than the service changed.

As far as I understand it, this has nothing to do with contention, but is more related to inability of my line to maintain a stable connection for more than 3 days (BT criteria) during the training period - hence the lowest stable line speed being set (I guess).

If I had a stable line speed of 5meg and was only seeing 500 on the speed tests/transfers, then yes that would be contention I'd agree. Inability to sustain a connection for 3 days at a time is not.

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Re: I'm sorry, but.....


My router regularly syncs at speeds up to 6meg, with 4.5 - 5+ being the usual. The problem (I would guess) seems to be that my SNR is marginal at 6-8db. Marginal as it drops as the evening approaches, and results in an eventual disconnect/reconnect, meaning I have never sustained a connection for longer than 3 days.

What is the lowest speed you have seen your router connect at during times of noise when it disconnects? You may need to monitor this over a few nights to be confident of knowing the true variation. Sad

Then look at the table at the bottom of this page here. This tells you what BT will set the BRAS rate to, and your PlusNet Stable Rate will be the value lower than this to the nearest 500kb/s. For example, my router syncs at 3400kb/s, this is in the 2848kb/s BRAS range and so PN set me to 2500kb/s. Good luck ... Smiley

It sounds like you are one of many with a stuck BRAS setting, check the above though and look here for details and a problem report number to quote in your next ticket.