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I'm off...why are you staying?


I'm off...why are you staying?

Well I have just had confirmation from my new isp that I will be connected by 6pm tomorrow and I have to say I am actually excited.

By tomorrow I will no longer be looking over my shoulder when I use MY connection.

I have only been here around 18 months, but how thngs have changed since then.

I remember looking on adslguide and plusnet were easily tops back then.

Now we have Gold queues, Bronze queues, shaping, sustainable use. I just want what I signed up for: Unlimited broadband connection (and yes I had signed up when it was unlimited Tongue ). The T&Cs are so complicated now even the cs team are getting it wrong.

My question is: Why are you staying?

Now this is not directed at the people who are happy with the service, this is for the people who are on here complaining about pings, p2p, usenet etc

For the sake of a few quid more each month you can do what I have, sign up to an unmetered, unshaped, uncapped service.

Things are not going to get better here.

Before I go my sympathies the PN cs team, I really pity you having to come on here and lie everyday. I have watched as the like of Stu and Ben have gone from everybodies friend to the forum bad guys. It's not their fault, they have a job to do. They can hardly come here and say "Yes, it sucks that our product is gash now"

I'm off...why are you staying?


Don't let the door hit on you the way out :roll:
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I'm off...why are you staying?

These threads are helpful to nobody. Is this community support? No. Is it feedback? No. There is another thread discussing other ISPs in the Chit Chat forum.

As such, I am locking this one.