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I'm confused - sustainable usage - 10 or 30Gb?


I'm confused - sustainable usage - 10 or 30Gb?

Right, I don't understand the different levels at which Plusnet say they are capping service.

On the sustainable usage page here:
It says restrictions on peak time usage start at 30gb:

Product____Warning email sent----------Restrictions applied

Option 1____24GB -----------------------30GB
Option 2____36GB -----------------------45GB
Option 3____48GB------------------------60GB

But then on the traffic management page is says it's 10Gb, not 30Gb (for premier option 1):
(then pick your product)

Which is it?

I mean, I think it's fair enough to restrict bandwidth hogging usage between 4pm and midnight, I just wish I was clear about what the limits were and the consequences.

Can anyone help?

(Edited to say Gb, not mb! It's late ok!)
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I'm confused - sustainable usage - 10 or 30Gb?

i believe the above are the pre maxDSL limits and the 10gb for premier one is right i believe.
it last email talking about it does ahve limit to it showing the limits for each of the plus and premier accounts

I'm confused - sustainable usage - 10 or 30Gb?

Hi there,

There is already a thread open discussing this very exact topic and asking the very same question.

You will find it by following THIS LINK. If there are any further questions regarding this then ask away in that thread.

As this topic is and has been discussed in another thread I will lock it in favour of.