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I'm capped 247 on FTPS


I'm capped 247 on FTPS

What is wrong. I'm capped 24/7 on ftps what is wrong? Since i reached my 15gb cap im permenately capped? Now this is seriously plus net im on the verge of cancelling my direct debit and fucking you guys off unless you get your acts together and ffs GET ME ON TISCALI!!! Also the servers im using are 100mbit and not a problem speed wise and i got full speeds till all this BS started, i want my 2mbit back damnit

Transfered 179 file(s) - Total: 836,095,926 byte(s) in 44,768.00 (18.65 KBps) grrr is that taking the piss or whatHuhHuh?? 12am-4pm my ass LOOK AT THE TIME!!!!!

thank you

I'm capped 247 on FTPS

I'm hitting 40-50k/s now is this a joke or what? Double the speed at night but still a JOKE uncapped my ass! If this isnt sorted asap i will be informing trading standards and stopping my direct debit ASAP im sorry but such slow speeds to multiple ftp servers 247 is a total joke and at £26/pm your having a laugh and im not goiing to stand it. If its a simple fault on my account which others have had ill be fine with that?

Peak usage: 16.06GB 4pm - Midnight

Off-peak usage: 42.04GB Midnight - 4pm

Total usage: 58.1GB

17days in. Not that bad is it? On that note i dont usually download this much howevwer that is not the point WTF! I get 2.7mb (rarely above) speeds on the speed test for a 4mb line!!!!!!!!! :twisted: