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I'm Off!, but not saying where!


I'm Off!, but not saying where!


I have given Plusnet ample time to sort themselves out. However they still continually lurch from farce to crisis.

The latest episode regarding the P2P and the "new" Ellacola software was the final straw for me. Not so much that Plusnet needed to level the P2P playing field, but that they treated their customers with their usual contempt and used the long suffering customers as a test bed, whilst getting the P2P software working.

I have found and joined a small outfit, and I am not saying who, because it appears really nice at the moment.

I looked around the new ISP's user forums... There are NO complaints or whinging at all! Instead there are numerous members stating what a good ISP it is!!!!!!

I can Email the support guys and get a speedy reply to my questions

They have a phone line that is answered promptly

They do have peak and off peak usage limits but there is NO traffic shaping.

Good luck to you who remain, especially to those members of Plusnet staff that do give good service.

May the rest of Plusnet management, including that inept pompous PR person, "live in interesting times"



I'm Off!, but not saying where!

I think I know exactly who you're talking about and I'm going there too, let's just hope it doesn't get swamped and end up like PlusNet.

Just waiting for a response to my request for a MAC code....1 day and counting, no reply to ticket.


I agree with your statement and have indeed requested my Mac also, I have been with PNet for 4 years and yes I did sign up for an unmetered service, the quantity of failure notices I receive daily in my inbox are now up to the OH MY GOD stage, sorry PNet but it really is time to let it go quietly and just let it die with what small modicum of dignity is left (sic).

I'm Off!, but not saying where!

Is this why I am getting permanant NAT error on Azureus? It has been working fine, but from a few days ago, without any changes from me as far as I know, it is unusable. I have NAT error all the time and I have tried a few things, but dont really understand what to change at all.Not really computer literate.

If this to do with Plusnet changing something, I will request to leave asap. If I am wrong, and it is an error my end I appologise.

I'm Off!, but not saying where!

Look at the "P2P encrypted forum" mate - it will tell you all you need to know Sad