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I know about the shaping on BB+, but.........

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I know about the shaping on BB+, but.........

.......isn't 1k a bit on the ridiculous side? No matter what time of day, night or morning I attempt to grab a few files via Limewire the max speed is 3k but more often than not it's 1k. I'm sure that even with the shaping it should be more than that, hell I was geting 5k on my old dial-up connection.

sadly though it's pretty much redundant at 1k and being on disability I can't afford to upgrade to the next package up.

Please tell me that there's something wrong and I should be seeing speeds of at least 10k or something.

Barring that I'm very happy with the speed I'm getting, it's at the full speed and downloading via FTP/HTTP etc is perfectly fine.
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I know about the shaping on BB+, but.........

When I've tried popular torrents on BB+ I have managed to get them to peak at around 10k and thats during the daytime.

Unfortunately, BB+ isn't at all for P2P and if you wan't anything better then the only thing you could do is upgrade.