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I have now had just about enough...

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I have now had just about enough...

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Thats it - I have threatened it before but now maybe soon it will be goodbye PN. My "Up to 8mb" line has never gone above 2500 (and that was for two days in 4 months). It has generally been in the 400. BUT now I cannot get above 120. Surfing the web is like pulling teeth.

What an utter utter farce this has become, constant sync drops, low speed, my phone line sounding like it was running through Beirut, poor CS responses, a senior manager who bans staff from using a forum - because of all the flak PN is getting etc. etc.etc.

Rather like that senior manager I am about to throw my toys out of the pram.

I am paying £21.99 for this service - if my latest reply to my ticket (19436407: also four months old and getting older and none the wiser by the day) is not responded to adequately (as opposed to some automated, "check your filter" blah, blah, blah) within the next two days then the PN account will be short of my money very soon. I am fed up of PN playing ping pong with BT - BT have called 4 times and each time cannot find any fault with the line or my equipment. For the latest call I had to take time off work - as BT "Do not call during the requested times" - even though these were the time options PN originally gave me - another waste of time. And when I did give a time within the paramaters acceptable to BT, what did PN go and do, oh yes you guessed they booked me in for a completely diferent time, another waste of my time sorting that one out.

But I have to ask myself, do PN's senior people care? Why can't somebody from senior management come out and say MAX is crap - lets return you to your lovely 2.0mb rock solid accounts - Oh those were heady days.

Four months of problems and very, very , very P*****d off.
I had to rant, as they say "it's good to talk".

Lets hope the problems are sorted soon, for the customers and possibly the shareholders sakes as well.

I await a reply from PN.
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Re: I have now had just about enough...

Surfing the web is like pulling teeth.

Trust me, it's not just MaxDSL thats seeing this .... I'm on upto 2MB and it's just as bad.