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I guess the "mopping up" is all done now?

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I guess the "mopping up" is all done now?

I guess that I'm one of those poor fellows who has to live with a 1Mb line.

I've e-mailed BT themselves to enquire as to the status of my exchange upgrade status but they didn't have a clue if it had been done/ is being done/will be done.

The Exchange status checker on +net hasn't been updated since June '05, when it said that the DSLAM that I'm on would be upgraded starting July 05. I know this info is from BT and any info you get is at the whim of BT, but you'd think it could be updated just a little.

Am I right to assume that I'll be on 1Mb for the forseable future? Is there a test that one can do to check the status of my line? (whoosh?)


Exchange: Aberdeen Balgownie
You are on the DSLAM known as BGI_DSL_102.
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I guess the "mopping up" is all done now?

Only PlusNet can Woosh.

Does your connection equipment give you any line stats?

I guess the "mopping up" is all done now?

my initail lines tests state i can get 2meg but iv currently been with plusnet for just under 2 months now and i thought i was going 2 get my adsl installed at the max rate, as PN claims, they have installed 1meg and require £15 NEW pounds of my money to get what i should of had originally?

id like someone from the plusnet forum team 2 reply 2 this please.

iv phoned up and got no good responce other than whats ur credit card details...