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I don't want marketing emails from PlusNet


I don't want marketing emails from PlusNet

I have previously ticked the necessary box to opt out of junk mail being sent to me from PlusNet.

I also clicked the one on the usersite.

This morning I received a marketing email from PlusNet - New PlusTalk products & your FREE upgrade!.

So, how do I stop PlusNet sending me these emails?
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I don't want marketing emails from PlusNet

If you have opted-out as you suggest then you should not have received that email.

I ticket is needed to get PN to investigate why you received it and to verify you are still on their opted-out list.
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I don't want marketing emails from PlusNet


When did you opt out? If it's only a few days ago then you have been included as the datasets are generated a day or two before they are sent out. If it's longer ago, then we'll need to look into this for you.

I don't want marketing emails from PlusNet

Hi Dave

I opted out on the 25th September 2005 at 02:20pm.

See this post

I also have a screen grab if it's required.

Thank you
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I don't want marketing emails from PlusNet

Thanks for the info, we're looking into this now.

I don't want marketing emails from PlusNet

I received a reply from Customer Support, (from a ticket I raised yesterday) and to be honest it was, in my opinion, a lame excuse about the ability to be able to opt out of a marketing email and important information about your service email. The distinction that has been applied between the two is blurred, to say the least.

First - I don't want marketing emails and I went to the trouble to let Plus Net know this via their channels.

Secondly - I don't consider telling me about a new product to be important information regarding my service. It is blatantly a marketing email, there is no doubt about that. To try and justify sending it to me by referring to it as important information insults my intelligence.

Finally - I do not want to receive marketing emails from PlusNet, whichever way they choose to present them to me. I will, of course be sending a copy of this episode to the advertising standards agency. Not to cause trouble for PlusNet but to ensure that I do not get more marketing emails masquerading under different disguises, from PlusNet.

Thank you.


Actioned : Dear Mr xxxxxx,
The PlusTalk email avoids the net I believe. As the footer states, "This email has been sent as it contains important information about your service from PlusNet".

Others would have the opt-out reminder:- "This email has been sent, as we believe it to be
of interest to you, as a valued customer of PlusNet. Please do not reply to
this email, as this is an unmonitored address. If you would like to change
your preferences for the electronic communication you receive from PlusNet
please refer to our Privacy Policy";

I'm sorry if the sending of this email inconvenienced you in any way.

Agent XXX