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I am so happy


I am so happy

When something gradually goes down hill you never really notice, you just get used to it.

The sudden turn around of FTP speed has just made my life at work so much more of a joy. I did not realise how much I had unconsciously worked around the slow FTP speeds. Not trying to upload to much at once, grouping batches to upload, having to check and cue up again if something had failed (which it did all the time)

Please take this as a real pat on the back PN, for once the promise of "we are working on it" is not only true but has worked an absolute treat!!!!

Well done!


If you look through my previous posts you will see that the last praise PN got from me was quite some time ago.
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I am so happy


Thanks for the feedback, it's always good to hear.

I'm glad to hear that FTP is performing better for you, and can assure you that we are monitoring the network very closely to keep it this way.