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Hurray - my connection's back!


Hurray - my connection's back!

I thought I must be fair here (since I have posted detailing the problems I've had with un-announced LLU and trouble getting in contact with support):

I called this morning to see whether there was any update - and got through pretty quickly. I was told that the fixes (for a hardware fault on the supplier's side) should be done soon - perhaps by Tuesday.

I then went to the PC (Elder Scroll's IV: Oblivion has been taking my mind off the lack of internet Wink ) and the little green light was back! I'm on again. All told, for me, less that two weeks. OK, so I have a massive downstream speed of 154Kb (my upstream bizarrely is slightly fast at 160Kb) and I used to have 1Meg. So I phoned again - and got through almost straight away! Apparently the speed will initially be throttled back and should increase over the next week or so helped by a few judicious router reboots. Here's hoping!

So although there have been problems (and it's not yet completely sorted) this is a thank you for the agents who have helped me out so far Smiley