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Hugely inconsistent connection speeds


Hugely inconsistent connection speeds

Hello everyone, i have been a user of plusnet for sometime, and when i joined it was £29.99 pm for 1mb unlimited, this was then upgraded for free to 2mb and i had no connection problems whatsoever, speed test results were a constant 1.7 -1.9 mbps.
In july i moved house and migrated, the connection was fine until about a month ago my connection has been nigh on unusable at times, speed test results vary from 1.5mbps to 93kbps, and the connection speed and quality has generally gone to hell, one second it will test at 1.54mbps then the next it will be 230kbps (this is at peak and offpeak times whilst no p2p or downloads are running), though commonly connection speed will sit at 200 - 300 kbps for large amounts of time.

This is a shared connection between 4 computers and this makes connection speed like using a 28.8k modem, maybe 56k if i'm lucky. P2p and torrents have to say the least suffered badly, now i rarely download at speeds above 30kbps, whereas before i would commonly download at 40kbps minimum and often 100kbps+, and as for gaming i suffer from horrendous ping spikes and disconnections.

Oh yes i'm on the 2mb premier package. I am currently in the middle of using the website to get results for my CS ticket.

Anyone else had similar problems? Or any ideas for me?

Many Thanks.

Stab in the dark, but...

Check the status of your exchange from the Usertools site ( and see if the problem is actually due to overcapacity at your exchange.