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How will a house move affect my speed upgrade?

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Registered: 30-07-2007

How will a house move affect my speed upgrade?

I moved house before the upgrades began but was only recently able to initiate a house move, I have no idea if I got an upgrade in my old house because I haven't been there to try it.

I'm just curious about what will happen when my connection is transferred next monday.

Do you think I will have an upgrade right away or do you think I will have fallen to the bottom of the list?

Hopefuly I'll find out on monday, that's if plusnet can sort out why they are telling me I have to pay £50 to have an isdn line removed when I don't have one and the phone line itself has only been active for 10 days!

How will a house move affect my speed upgrade?

Going by my example, not good.

Moved from a house with a 2mb connection around the corner to a house on the same exchange with a confirmed 2mb connection speed by BT.

Plusnet decided in thier infinate wisdom to put it in as a 1Mb connection.

Even after raising a ticket to get it changed (it is now a confirmed by bt as a 6Mb line), Plusnet will not get it regraded ang the line provisioned to what it should be.

I had over 3 weeks with no service and 5 months for a line half as fast as it was previously for the same money.