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How to report portal problems?

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Registered: 08-08-2007

How to report portal problems?

What's the best way of reporting a problem with the portal?

For example. I just noticed than when I log in I'm told how much I've saved from my referrals this month. Only it's telling me it's twice as much as it actually is ie. it's doubled the value.
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Registered: 30-07-2007

How to report portal problems?

Hi Ian,

I have raised this issue on a ticket also and got a reply to the effect that the portal is showing the wrong value, this was a few days ago,,

It is still showing the wrong value and i have raised a further ticket to this effect

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Registered: 04-04-2007

How to report portal problems?

Your best bet is to raise a ticket, giving clear steps to reproduce the problem and screenshots (if necessary).
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Registered: 07-08-2007

How to report portal problems?

My portal is showing the same thing and I have raised it on a ticket. They are aware of the problem and I have closed my ticket because it has been raised as an internal fault. PlusNet's response was:
I have raised an internal problem (ID 3285Cool, to resolve this issue. However as it is not critical, it may take a little time to resolve. Please accept my apologies for this.

I think I must agree with them. In light of the other issues, and I must say that it is nice, if a little tardy, for PlusNet management to publicly acknowledge that service has been lacking of late.

Cheesy I hope that this is where we see the return of the old PlusNet. Come on guys (and gals!). You can do it.