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How to move.


How to move.

I wish to leave plusnet and I have located the correct page to request Mac key. Do I set up new service and then request Mac key, or vica versa. I don't want to be left without a connection.

How do I know if I am on LLU? Is that just people who have upgraded to ADSL max, which I have not.
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How to move.

I have located the correct page to request Mac

Please tell - i want to leave as well !

How to move.

It's in "Help & support" and then "account management".

However, I requested a MAC key and got a response saying "Sorry your leaving us, your line will be ceased within 7 days", which is exactly what I didn't ask for. No MAC in sight.

What should happen is that you request a MAC and submit your 30 day notification at the same time, and then give that mac to your new isp with a startup date 30 days or so later (or earlier if you prefer, but then you'll be paying 2 ISP bills)

How to move.

Ok I am not on LLU so it should be easy. Spoke to a guy at a friendly provider who can offer unmanaged with specified download limits at a good price with 1 month contract, so easy to move if I am not happy.

Apparently Mac codes are valid for 30 days.

Link to page for requesting Mac code is

I hope things improve for those of you that stay.