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How long...


How long...

...are no connection faults taking to resolve at the moment?

I had a dogy connection on Monday evening, and have had no connection at all since Tuesday evening.
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How long...

well its taken 1 day for a human to look at my connection failure

then another day to find the problem

then it turns out to be a LLU upgrade so now it's over to tiscali

you might want to check your line and see if there's an order outstanding

which would imply LLU problems for you too

How long...

I don't think LLU has reached this end of the world yet.

I've not had any notification that I'm due to be LLU'd and I intend to refuse it if I do get notification.

Still no connection.

Last time I had a problem (only about a month ago) which looked very similar, I was off for a week, and when someone finally did something about it, it was less that 15 minutes to fix it :roll:
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How long...

Do not wait for the notification, at that point its too late.
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That you wish to opt out.


How long...

Join the club :!:

I've only just had a (human) reply this morning & I too haven't had a connection since Monday evening Sad

Apparently I'm still on BT wholesale so it can't be an LLU problem.

Our faults team will be processing your issue shortly

Wonder how long that'll be then - I reported it 3 days ago :?: