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How long will it take to go to 2mb?


How long will it take to go to 2mb?

I have a 1Mb - 50GB home user account

I am reading that this will automaticly be upgraded to 2 Mb over the summer.

Beginning in April and continuing through the summer, all PlusNet residential broadband customers will have their lines enabled to receive the fastest speed they can support (up to 2Mb). This will be FREE.

Do I need to do anything here, and how long might it take. Will this speed increase happen without anyone coming to my home?

If you want to change your speed before your line is automatically upgraded to the fastest speed it can support, you may change your speed for a one off fee of £14.99.

How quickly will this speed things up?
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How long will it take to go to 2mb?

You'll be pleased to know that you don't actually have to anything but sit back and wait.

An upgrade schedule has been posted and can be downloaded from here.

Bear in mind, your exchange could be listed more than once, and you could be upgraded on any of the occasions mentioned if this is the case.

Paying the £14.99 and regrading manually is effectively 'jumping the queue' and this would see your speed be upgraded in as short a time as overnight. The maximum it could take is 7-10 days, but these usually occur within a couple of days, if not overinght.

How long will it take to go to 2mb?

I have looked at that PDF file and my exchange appears with the dates, May, then May again, June and July. How do I work out which one I come under?

Also, I am currently paying 29.99 for a 1Mb service will this stay at this price until I am upgraded?

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How long will it take to go to 2mb?

Unfortunatley there is no way to tell which of these dates for your exchange will actually see your line upgraded - they are dates of when the various DSLAM's (boxes that all the ADSL lines plug into) are being done - and there is no way of knowing which box you are plugged into Sad

You will carry on paying £29.99 forever - even after you have had your speed increased, until such time as you switch your package to either a higher usage limit or a lower usage limit.

If you select a package that is cheaper per month, then there will be a downgrade fee of £14.99 charge to move to your preferred package.

You can choose a different package now and still keep your 1mb, and wait for the 2mb free speed increase.

or you can jump the queue (for £14.99) and get your speed increase now (5-7 days) and pay another £14.99 to lower your package at the same time.

The choice is yours....

Hope that helps...