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How long to get tickets answered?

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How long to get tickets answered?

It says PN aims to get tickets "closed" within 4 hours. Its currently stated that its taking around 2 hours 48 mins.

I raised a ticket on the 23rd and had a reply after some testing later that day. The reply needed comeback from me and I responded late last night (about 11.30pm). No reply as yet.

I thought the response times would suggest I'd have had a reply by now.

Am I wrong?

Is my query being researched or is it just sitting in a "to do pile". It would be nice to know what is going on. This is the reason why I prefer the phone for this sort of thing.

for the record
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How long to get tickets answered?


This depends on which team your ticket is with. As the closure time on the portal is for CSC tickets. Where as fault tickets take longer due to their very nature, and in some cases can take a day or two for responses to come through.

How long to get tickets answered?

And in some cases a month or............