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How long to get a reply?


How long to get a reply?

Ticket 19424530 Raised 2.23pm yesterday. NO Reply. This was to ask how to get a MAC.

Ticket 19427705 Raised 8.41pm Yesterday. NO Reply. Found out myself after spending about 20 mins. going through Forum Questions. Raise this ticket to request my MAC.

Went into Help & Support then My Questions several times this morning and quess what Status is showing, Awaiting Support Teams Answer.

How much longer for a reply?
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How long to get a reply?

CS are overloaded and swamped with tickets due the the DSLmax fiasco so response times for all tickets are days rather than the expected hours.

All you can do is wait (and if possible close any of your other tickets related t ogetting a MAC).

Note: your 30 day notice period starts when you request your MAC, not when you receive it so the delay does not impact on that.

How long to get a reply?

In which case how about showing average question answering time as something realistic rather than the 1.? hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!