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How long to change address of Home Phone ?

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Registered: 30-07-2007

How long to change address of Home Phone ?

The house move tool says "Home Phone takes between 3-10 working days, depending on telephone exchange conditions, and engineer availability".

I applied on 9th July and have been told that the order to move my phone service to the new property has an "initial date" of 26/07/07. That is 14 working days, and virtually 3 elapsed weeks. (I don't need any phone line to be installed - there is a socket in my new property which is working OK.)

I don't really know what an "initial date" means, but after I complained PN "requested that the provide date is brought forward to the 20th". That was better, but I still wonder if the "request" will be honored.

What are other people's experience of moving home and transferring Home Phone?