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How long should a house move take?


How long should a house move take?

I requested a house move on 29/5 but still haven't got a date to get the line activated yet. Got the old line ceased on 14/6 but still no reply from CSC team about when the ADSL line in new house will be activated. Tried to call but the waiting time is long, so give up in the end.

Is this normal ?

PS. I was very happy with Plus Net before I move house :-(
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How long should a house move take?

It normally takes five to seven working days for an order to complete. Though this is complicated a little if you're moving house and keeping the same numbers. As we have to get BT to cease the old connection, and then wait two days for their system to register that there's no ADSL on the line, before we can place a new order.

I've had a look at your account, and added a little more information onto the question that you've got open.

still waiting for the connection!!!

You said that the order will be completed on 23/6 but the line is still not activated!!! What's the problem here?