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How long before coming active?


How long before coming active?

I've applied for Plusnet on the Friday 28th Sept, i'm just wondering as i'm a bit concerned with some of the messages, is there any back log with new subscriptions and packages. I'm looking forward to broadband and just hoping i will receive it sooner rather than later.

Many Thanks

RE: How long before coming active?

Hopefully if all goes well, You could be online in about 10 days. This does depend about hardware issues aswell. Plusnet customer support should have already advised you of this.

If you do have problems with Plusnet in any way. Please do contact me.

I have a list of UK ADSL providers of equal standard as plusnet. (Besides the customer support standards).

Good luck with your new account.

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RE: How long before coming active?

Hi Stuart,

I can see from BT that your ADSL installation is due on the 4th of this month. We will ship your hardware as soon as BT inform us that this has happened. If eeverything goes to plan, there is no reason why you will not be up and running by Tuesday or Wednesday next week.


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support

RE: How long before coming active?

I'll Keep My Fingers Crossed Then !!


RE: How long before coming active?

I've been keeping them crossed!!

But I see my ADSL tracker says still waiting to be activated, did this happen on the 4th as mentioned above or is receiving broadband this week out of the question?

Understand that there may be backlogs and if so rather be told than giving false dates!