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How helpful is Plus Support


How helpful is Plus Support

Is it just me or have others had difficulties with support centre. Recently I have trouble connecting on various occasions. After being offline for three days I went online using a colleagues pc to try and have fault fixed. Witthin 30 minutes I retruned home to find I could get online again. Plusnet support then contacted me with a long list of dialogues and prescribed tests which I completed but kept replying the problem was not being able to get on line in the first place.
I pay for Plusnet Premier and expect Premier access and when I have told Plusnet this and asked for a guarantee that I would be able to get what I pay for there is the response and my reply.

<B>Is it just me or does anyone else have connection problems with Plusnet

jim w
Dear Mr weir,
Unfortunately ADSL is not a guarantee'd always on service, and as such BT do not offer any Service Level Agreement over their equipment.

As our service is provided over BT's lines and exchanges we are therefore unable to offer any Service Level Agreement or guarantee's on downtime, and with this are unable to provide any compensation due to a fault.

We are unable to explain why the ADSL would not connect then suddenly you were able to after, however we do sometimes see that when a fault is on the line our intrusive testing resets the equipment at the exchange allowing the line to function again. This may have happened in your case.

Paul Emsell

Dear Mr Emsell,
I do not find this reply acceptable. You say that BT is responsible for supply of the lines and that Plusnet has no control over these.
The fact remains that I found myself offline for three days.
I do not deal with BT but pay my money to Plusnet. In fact BT would not entertain me with any questions about my Broadband supply and informned me that it was the responsibility of Plusnet. I am sorry but what you state is unacceptable.
My contarct is not with BT but with Plusnet.
Plusnet may have a contract with BT but that is not my responsibility. You are in effect the retailer wih whom I deal and it your responsiblity as such to supply what I am paying you to supply. Your Contract is with BT and it is up to you to sort out supply issues with BT.
If you are not prepared to supply this then you leave me no option but to find you at fault by failing to supply what I am paying for.
I ask you again are you prepared to supply what I am paying for IE "Unlimited Internet access." I really do object the fact that when I raised the complaint it was fixed within one hour but if I wished to pursue why I was offline for three days, then I would render myself responsible for an extra charge of £50.
I am sorry but I feel that Plusnet are all right as long as everything is going well but as soon as I hit problems it is everyone to blame except Plusnet.
That is bit like the Child saying "It was not me! A big boy did it and ran away". In this case the big boy is apparenty BT and it's all their fault. I repeat I do not deal with BT for Broadband but Plusnet, although I am fast coming around to the this being a possibility in the future if Plusnet is unable to provide what I am paying for.

Allt hat I am seeking from Plusnet is the assurance that youvare prepared to supply what I am paying for unlimited internet access up to 8mb (actual speed 2mb but I do accept that it states "Up to") 24/7.
If you are unabel to suppl this then please tell me so and I will be content to make alternative arrangements and take my custom eslewhere.
rev j weir

How helpful is Plus Support

Sorry rjimw,

A Line up 24/7 aint never going to happen, and an SLA on ADSL is also never gonna happen.

If you need that kind of reliability then you should be looking at a Lease-Line. These will cost you thousands of pounds and you'll get no guarantee it will be up 27/4. You'll get a 4-8 hour fix, automatic IDSN dial fall back to make it resilient but still no guarantee.
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Re: How helpful is Plus Support


Allt hat I am seeking from Plusnet is the assurance that youvare prepared to supply what I am paying for unlimited internet access

More bad news, I'm afraid. Plusnet internet access is not unlimited. Even if it were not limited by the physics of the line, there are restrictions clearly stated on the product detail pages on peak time usage, as well as unwritten restrictions on overall use.