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How do you get in touch with Plusnet


How do you get in touch with Plusnet

Plusnet customer service seems to have gone into meltdown. The 0845 number is not responding. When my internet connection came back up, the I tried to get in touch with Plusnet over the web. The help assistant is designed to stop people doing this.

Have Plusnet sacked all their staff and decided to run everything automatically?

Are there any other numbers that might work?

How can you log a problem? Sad

How do you get in touch with Plusnet

Completely agree!. My broadband has been down for 2.5 hours this morning - and both 0845 numbers [tech + sales] were 'out of order' Service resumed about 40 mins ago.

Tried to log the fault - but had to complete a questionaire first and now its doing a self test.

I cannot afford to loose this amount of time. I am horrified with the poor service - so very regrettably I am going to look for another provider.

Any Ideas?
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How do you get in touch with Plusnet

This morning we've had some issues this morning, fully documented under service status that has meant that the support numbers and some customer connections have been down.