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How do you get a MAC code?


How do you get a MAC code?


I'm looking about and tried searching for the way to get my MAC code (in case I move which looks likly just now Sad), but while I get results when I go to the page it has no content!
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How do you get a MAC code?

Raise a ticket.

Help Assistant > Account Management > Request a MAC Key (Moving To Another Broadband Provider)

Is that the page that is not returning results?

Anything I can get someone to look at for you? I've seen you've got fault tickets open for disconnections?
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How do you get a MAC code?

Its really simply to get one, just go to the My questions page and obne of them refers to getting a MAC.

How do you get a MAC code?

Thanks both Smiley

ivyhall, its not just one thing - recent issues with email, terrible speed issues (see the other thread I've posted in), P2P very slow (and when I'm looking at downloading a 20GB beta soon I dread to think how long that will take!), having to come to the forums to check theres an issue!, being unable to game online due to latency etc etc etc.

It really is a shame as I've recommened you to a number of people who've signed up and who have in turn recomeneded others, but there comes a time when even I feel enough is enough Sad

Sorry, it was fun while it lasted.