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How do I get my MAC and leave


How do I get my MAC and leave


I can't seem to find how to leave Plusnet. There seems to be plenty of information about migrating in but not out.

Can anyone advise me on this please? I should add that the only reason I want to leave is the poor usenet performance I am seeing on a regular basis (via a premier account). I would rather pay a little more each month and have the speed and capacity when I need it.

Other than that I have been very happy with the service Plusnet have provided but I am like others unhappy with the way recent changes have been implemented. Like most people I recognise that the platform must be sustainable and it is appropriate for Plusnet to start a open public debate on this matter. Thing is any changes should occur post debate not before it's even started!



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How do I get my MAC and leave

You need to raise a ticket via help & support -> contact us. Then follow the wizzard for account changes.