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How can I improve my speed?

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How can I improve my speed?

I notice my speed is now set at 500Kbs. It's been 1000 for a long time. Let's assume this is a consequence of line quality. What can I do? Can I pay BT to install a new line? Can I go back to the old style connection? My current line is a (BT) bodge of two old lines that were laid perhaps when the house was built 30 years ago. I also live in a village although other people get better speeds than me. Does it help if I change ISP? It hit 2000Kbs recently but I was suffering PPP drop-outs several times a day. Is that BT's fault or something to do with PlusNet?

How can I improve my speed?

If it's down to the line's quality, changing ISP won't make a difference (it's the copper and the connections, and the same unit at the exchange, so ISP A = B = C as far as making a difference to the link).

Is there a chance you've been switched to DSL Max (did you "opt in") as that might make the speed lower... Also, if you're on the USB unit, does it make any difference disconnecting and re-connecting (been a while since I have used USB, but seeing comments from others about changes on their connection depending on time - admittedly those on Max - so connecting in the evening gets a poorer SNR and might cause a lower speed)...

As for getting another phone line - depends how far from the exchange you are as to whether a new line might make any odds - and is it worth 100 quid installation for a bit of extra speed (perhaps it is, some might consider it costly)... If you are less than say 5 km from the exchange (see for maps) then it might be. If you're further away, it may make no difference.

Some time back I had a fault on the line (one which stopped it working and quite an exceptional thing in the 15 years I've been here) and reported it. A neighbour also lost their service, and the BT engineer was at mine for 0900 and later on was up and down to the exchange... got mine working again, and then an hour later it went again... fortunately he was sorting the neighbour's line at the time, so I got him to check again (and mentioned I'd had intermittent crackling over the years) He put me onto some other pair all the way back to the exchange and my crackling went away (hopefully forever).

Not suggesting you'll get "new" copper, but if you have had audio problems then faults might be able to put you on another "pair" back to the exchange - assuming there's at least one spare.

When I lived in Sussex (up to '89), getting another line was quite an effort , although I lived quite close to the exchange... ended up with BT pulling a complete new cable to support 100 (?) lines to a nearby distribution point by the local post office and then adding the line for my bedroom...

While they may be able to supply you a new line, it depends on the overall cost as to whether they will do it for 99 quid, or give you a quote when it is over 2000 (not trying to frighten, but there are rural locations where it is costly and BT doesn't always do it for 99 quid... their obligation is for the *first* line to users).