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How can I go on recommending PlusNet?

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How can I go on recommending PlusNet?

For several years I have been recommending PlusNet as ISP to loads of friends and acquaintances. The vast majority of them are really only interested in a reliable email service. Over the past few months I am getting lots of hassle from my 'friends' who are less than satisfied with the email service from PlusNet. I get the impression that other ISPs are not suffering from the same problems. So - the question for me is -- do I go on being a loyal PlusNet user and lose my friends or do I find a reliable ISP instead?

Oh - and a Happy New Year to all my reader.

Alan Chantler
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How can I go on recommending PlusNet?

I know what you mean, but really would you lose friends because of this ISP performing badly? Strange, maybe not real friends are they.

Close relatives to me bought PC's over Christmas, they are the same type of user as yours, they want a bit of e-mail and some web browsing ... nothing more and that is unlikely to change for some time.

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Re: How can I go on recommending PlusNet?

Oh - and a Happy New Year to all my reader.

It hasn't got that bad yet - but it's heading that way. Wink
jelv (a.k.a Spoon Whittler)
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How can I go on recommending PlusNet?

I refered my mother, brother-inlaw and a friend to Plusnet, and Ill no doubt be refering my Brother when he moves into his new home (this one doenst have cable).

For simple surfing and email its fine, I threw my toys out of the pram all too quickly when someone got trigger happy with the ellacoyas and my speeds were lowered as a result.

This has since been rectified, and although nobody actually admitted that a mistake had been made, and ellacoya management was affecting users that were below thresholds; It seems that it must have been a mistake, because once the issue was raised that people below peak time usage limits were being hit, the profiles on the ellacoyas were changed almost immediatley.

My gaming was being hit, and as this was a major hobby of mine in the evenings, I was miffed.

Since the mistake was rectified, and Ive come back, things have been fine. My mother has had no problems, and I can always log in on her account to check the usage just in case she is getting near the limits, but to be honest I doubt she uses more than a couple of gig at best.

My brother may use the connection in a similar manner to myself, so I shouldnt see any problems in him using BB+ either.

Knowing that the people I refer are not overly IT litterate, and that they may from time to time run into difficulties, its the quality of support that I think may be an important factor, and recent experiences have shown me that these forums, together withe the "official" lines of support are truly excellent. And if people can use PN support or these foums rather than relying on my weekend time, then thats fine by me.