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How can I get my MAC code please


How can I get my MAC code please

How the hell do you contact this stupid company?

Never found it so hard to contact them before. all automated crap on there telephones i want my mac code and i want it now! i may sound like a kid but tbh the only way i think i can get away from is to cancel my second phone line and use broadband on my other line and just cancel the payments.

If i cant get hold of them by tomorrow i think i will do that

Any one got any ideas on how to get the mac code?

Cant beleave they are still up and running how can they run like this ? everyone is just moaning about the service!

[Moderator's note by Tomm (tomspcs) : Ive altered the thread title to lower case as all upper case is rude and classed as shouting.]

How can I get my MAC code please

raise a question in the help & support section
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How can I get my MAC code please


You can't get a MAC over the phone, you'll need to raise a ticket, which you can do here:

Cancelling your phone line does not cancel your account, and cancelling your payments will simply put your account into failed billing. Eventually we would cease your line, but then you would have to pay a new activation fee when you get your new ADSL connection.

re:mac code

Ive had the same problem, and hopefully tomorrow ill get my mac code.

How can I get my MAC code please

nah i mean i would cancel my phone line completely Smiley as in stop it for good cus i never really use this line. but hey i think i may have my mac code sorted. hopefully u lot will ring me.

Sorry to sound like such a n0b Sad its just i like service over the phone as in we can ring you.

its me more than u. just think your service has gone down abit.

How can I get my MAC code please

>>> just think your service has gone down abit.

And thats the biggest understatement of the century.

108 mins on hold to speak with nobody. tickets go unanswered for days on end and when you do get an answer its not by a knowledgable technician its a bot giving standard replies. My latest issue is a speed issue, I get the reply "oh we see you have gotten a connection, problems sorted then". OMG no it isnt. I wait near three weeks to be treated like this. Asked 5 days ago for MAC and still havent recieved it. Do not sign up with Plusnet. Even AOL leaves them standing by a country mile!

How can I get my MAC code please

yeah as bad as AOL is i think they have a better service and that is saying something!

How do i get in touch with plunet

My payment is due today the 18/7/06 and now i find they don`t accept debit card payment`s so they will cut me off and say it`s my fault.

wake up plusnet your going to lose your customers no-one can get in touch with you your support is non existant.


I want my MAC number i`ve had enough.