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How are the categories on new VMBU measured???


How are the categories on new VMBU measured???

To my surprise, the new VMBU was active on my account when I just looked, which has also cleared up a query I had over the actual amout of Peak traffic that had been reported as being used, which I was sure hadnt, so I still have a bit of breathing space Cheesy

Would like to know exactly how the categories are measuredHuh

Do they just monitor common ports used for such trafficHuh

I dont use p2p clients, yet have nearly 90mb of the stuff??

I dont play online games, however, I had recently loaded Steam & Halflife2 etc, which is a couple of gigs download, but would this show up as gaming, or just a web downloadHuh

I dont make BB phonecalls, yet it is showing nearly 70mbHuh

I know there have been/are problems with the CMBU, but is the accuracy of it always going to be an issue like thisHuh


How are the categories on new VMBU measured???

There are a few issue here.

Firstly the measurements are performed deeper within the network than at your actual router, so there will be overheads from traffic which you have not actually generated (attempts to access your IP from others for example, this often happens more if a previous user of a dynamic IP has been using P2P).

Next up, there are well known and talked about problems with the VMBU at the moment for many users. So if you're seeing very large figures that you are concerned may interfere with your connection (e.g GB's of data which may take you over usage limits) then raise a ticket. These are likely teething problems and are being investigated.

The categories are governed by traffic signatures used to identify usage on the Ellacoya platform, this isn't just ports used but deeper and more thorough analysis of the actual packets. Accuracy of this sort of profiling is never going to be perfect. Unfortunately we know very very little about these signatures and PlusNet have so far (after many requests) not come up with any info or tools which are of any use to anyone. So the actual identification and categorisation comes down to customers trusting PlusNet's abilities.

How are the categories on new VMBU measured???

I have raised a ticket and posted in other threads about my usage going high after the new meter was fitted. Mine shows no voip traffic even though I have two voip phones connected and gaming high inspite of me never ever using it.
I personally think PN have a death wish.