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How about updating the Batch FTP Tools


How about updating the Batch FTP Tools

I've just requested 5 linux iso images via batch ftp as taking too long to download, and my software not resuming properly. When entering the information of what I want I found these screens lacking in areas.

1) I think it should send the user a confirmation email of what they've requested or even create a ticket on their account. This can then be either cancelled or ammended before the download takes place.

2) It doesn't mention of when the next batch download will be. So I'm unsure of when I'm likely to receive notification the files are ready for me to collect.

3) After submitting, you have to click on tools then batch ftp again to enter the next file you want. It would be a good idea to have a request another file button on the page.

4) You could also have a submit button that when you select it, it displays the list of all files you've recently requested in that session, with a final option like 'complete request' to place the request, an option to ammend the requests, or one to actually cancel it.

is it possible to get any of these mods done or not..


How about updating the Batch FTP Tools

It's being removed from service, so isn't likely to be changed...