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How about some sensible stickies ?


How about some sensible stickies ?

There are a fair number of unhappy bunnies on these forums (and I think I'm one of them). But in amongst the frequent complaints about +net there are a number of regular complaints that are not neccessarily +nets problem, or where there are good work arounds to the issues.

I know there is the +net autohelpborked system and plusnetters etc but that doesnt help the irregular visitors to this forum.

I think a couple of stickies with useful first stop info wouldnt come in wrong.

how about something on max - how speeds vary, techniques for regrading and interleaving.
dns - alternative dns sources.
speeds - direct links to the speedtests and a bit of explanation of what the results mean.

That should stop some of the rants. If someone could do a sticky on response times to tickets then that would probably sort out many of the rest Wink
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How about some sensible stickies ?

At times I think this is a real case of RTFM, I found both of the following pages about Max and LLU within a few clicks on the PlusNet Help and Support pages.

Get Ready for High Speed Broadband

What you need to know about LLU

Some customers simply do not try and find the information themselves, and will just post on the forums anyway, even if there are stickies.

The one that always amuses me are the “How do I cancel” requests, there is also at least one of these on the front page in the forums, but it gets posted time and time again. But then again its not about asking for help, is it!!