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How Bizarre connection problem


How Bizarre connection problem

I'd been trying all morning to get connected... only getting as far as "LCP allowed to come up" on the router.

It showed me connected to the local exchange at least at 8148 ( or whatever ) but I was'nt getting authentication and my IP from plusnet. Grrrr ( this has happened before )

I borrowed my neighbours laptop and connected via her Sky BB connection, to go through the plusnet BB fault checker page... nearly right through th epage and guess what! my internet connection comes back on!!!! heh heh heh .. i wonder if that means th eBB fault checker is a LIVE system that corrects any problems it finds on the way through the questions it displays ( clever stuff if it is )

ah well.... i'm connected again, but it'd be nice to know what happened and why.

any idea's anyone?

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Plusnet Staff
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How Bizarre connection problem

TBH it could have been a multitude of things, this can quite often be caused by work going on at the exchange or a local outage.
Have a check here to see if anything has been going on in your area today.
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff

How Bizarre connection problem

Thanks Chris, and sorry Johnathan, I was'nt aware I'd offend in bold ( duly noted )

Well, this same thing ( see OP ) has been happening more and more of late, never at any set times, and always the same. One minute I'm fine and surfing along no problem, next I'm off the net ( with no IP ) I look at the router and it's the same old story, disconnected, reconecting gets as far as LCP is allowed to come up, but never authenticates and gives me my IP ( and connection back )
I've done the bt tests, and the likes, my line is good, there have been no reported works or problems at my local exchange ( infact it's been green a long time now )

It's very odd. A little annoying, but as it's only been half a dozen times that I've noticed ( i'm on the net less of late ) I'm not stomping my feet and steaming at the ears yet. When it happens I usually switch off and unplug for the day. It WILL become annoying if it increases in frequency as I'm about to start selling things on ebay!
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How Bizarre connection problem

Hi there,

I'd recommend raising an intermittent fault, and running through the checks advised, as looking at the logs you do seem to be losing the connection more regularly of late.