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House move – no ADSL for 9 days and counting


House move – no ADSL for 9 days and counting

I placed an order for a house move which was to take place on 31 July.

I still do not have ADSL connected. The house move update page says there is a problem with the line and someone from support will contact me. No such contact has taken place.

I have had a ticked open since first thing Monday morning and have had no response. I do not have time to spend 1 hour + waiting for the phone to be answered.

I have no indication of what is happening, if anything is happening or what timescale I am looking at.

The only reason I have not cancelled is the £70 + charges I will have to pay to leave.

So I can’t cancel and move to another service provider without paying a large penalty and in the mean time I have no service and can get no help of any kind from f9.

If anyone from f9 reads this please look in to this for me – this situation is unacceptable.

House move – no ADSL for 9 days and counting

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

Could you post a ticket number for your issue and I'll flag it up to the Comms Team for you.

House move – no ADSL for 9 days and counting

Thanks for the reply

I have decided to cancel by f9 account and move elsewhere. I have lost confidence in f9 and their customer service - or lack of it. As luck would have it I finally got a response from them at the exact same time that I was cancelling the account LOL.

If f9 reads this then you should note that I am the system administrator for a company that has a business account with you. After my experiences with my home account I will be considering moving that account as well. You just can't get away with ignoring paying customers for 3 days while they do not have a connection.

Thanks again for the reply

House move – no ADSL for 9 days and counting

along a similar line, both myself and my brother have been looking for an alternative ISP this morning. We, in turn, will also take our mothers connection off F9. Between us, we've been with F9 over 15years, but if F9 suddenly decide to ignore their customers, over a completely non existant support line (ticket, still going on since 28th July, responses, but as yet unresolved) and don't appear to give a stuff about their customers anymore, then bye bye.

I would suggest someone in Sheffield begins communicating with the community immediately, and someone takes a decision to get rid of the pathetic customer support system and put it back the way it was