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House Moving & Broadband Costs?


House Moving & Broadband Costs?

I'm not in a 12 month contract with plusnet, but on their site I see that if I want to transfer my broadband to my new house I have to pay £52, or alternatevely I pay £5, but if I leave plusnet I still have to pay a amount that drop every year I am with them and only drops to £0 if I stay with them for another 6 years!!!

My only other option is to cancel and then restart with them again at the new premises, but I will be in a 12 month contract!

What has anyone else done about this, whats the best option?

House Moving & Broadband Costs?

Whatever you do, you would still have to pay the activation at the new premises so it would cost you the money whichever way you do it.

If you are staying, if you go for the deferred option then at least the amount you pay WILL decrease depending on when/if you leave.

But it's that 'will you have the money to pay it when you do go!' thing.
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House Moving & Broadband Costs?

Have I got this wrong? Do you pay £52 to move but only £47 if you cancel and restart?

I'd have thought it in PlusNet's interests for them to discount house moves to reduce the likelihood of customers changing ISP!

House Moving & Broadband Costs?

That`s annoying

When I moved the costs where a FREE house move and only admin costs.

Then When I wanted to move to tiscali (which offer a far better deal)

They said I owe them 47 for the house move..

SO FREE is false advertising not something TS would agree with..

Kind of annoying plusnet has become it completely wiped the floor a few years ago the competitors when it came to value for money...

House Moving & Broadband Costs?

I read it as, you can defer the costs, and the longer you stay with PN the less you have to pay. You pay the £5.88 admin fee regardless of when you want to pay the money. Either way, you'll be paying £50+ to move your account, or start afresh.

I noticed that alot of ISPs are doing this now.